Atoms contemplating atoms.

Sanctuary of Space and Time is a Hong Kong-based club of members who associate because of common interest in the universe and mankind’s pursuit of the fundamental laws of nature.

Foundational Principles.

The club is guided by certain fundamental beliefs.

  • The value of knowledge is not limited by its practical application.
  • Being a part of the universe that can contemplate itself is a special wonder, and participation in the quest to understand the universe – however tangentially – genuinely enriches the human experience.
  • To materially advance humanity’s understanding of the fundamental laws of nature, the scientific community needs steadfast public (and private) support.
  • Public support for the sciences is most effectively built through public engagement.


The purpose of our club is to enrich the lives of its members by growing their knowledge of the universe and to participate in the advancement of human understanding by building public support for the sciences.


The club maintains a busy event calendar. Generally, our activities fall into one of three categories.

  • Sanctuary Seminars: Sanctuary Seminars are lectures delivered by leading physicists who present developments in their respective fields of research to a broad public audience. Generally, housed in quaint Central venues, seminars are accentuated by food, drink, networking and revelry.
  • Sanctuary Sessions: Sanctuary Sessions are small gatherings designed to supplement members’ self-studies in physics. Periodically, the club designates a topic (i.e., special relativity) and material (i.e., an online course) for members to pursue, independently, but in accordance with a master schedule. During the scheduled period, the club holds regular sessions so that members may collectively consider the concepts, mathematics and philosophical implications of the material.
  • Sanctuary Socials: Sanctuary Socials are unique events open exclusively to club members. Whether a private movie screening, dinner with a VIP, field trip or night at the races, Sanctuary Socials are just as the name suggests.

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